I believe Maine is on the edge of becoming a state we no longer recognize and that it is CRUCIAL that we change the direction of the state in 2022. Growing up in Appleton I enjoyed a community built on respect of differences and the mutual belief that if we worked together our lives would be better for it. Throughout the past two years we have seen a one party rule that has taken away the community spirit of Maine and we MUST restore balance to this state before we lose what makes us unique.  

Raised on the family farm by a single mother I understand that we must prioritize spending and not endlessly give money to pet projects that the Democrats deem important while people cry out for relief from the huge tax burden that we have here in Maine. The people and their ability to live free and prosperous lives must be given priority.  As a small business owner I know that we must be supportive and innovative to get businesses to reopen and flourish, not lip service, but real support. 

I am blessed to be a mother of 3, stepmom to 2 and grandma and I have a deep desire to ensure that our children will be able to enjoy the joyful lives that we desire for them. Endless lockdowns, the erasing of history in education and the teaching of racial division, the loss of jobs, a high suicide rate and out of control overdose statistics are totally unacceptable.  I will work tirelessly to make certain our children are able to lead lives that don't use them as pawns in someone's social agenda or experiment.  Our children matter!

As a Conservative Republican I believe we must all work together for the good of the people of Maine, but I WILL NOT BE PERSUADED to compromise on Freedom to live our lives, keep our liberties and pursue happiness. 

You can count on me to be bold, honest and do my best every day to speak for you.